domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Why live?

When we are so small, so insignicant. Our presence is the mere result of a chain of casualties... We're nothing to the Universe... are we?
I guess you could say you can live to be happy. I think it's most people's choice, but it doesn't really satisfy me. Sure, you're happy, and? That's it? Like happiness could be "achieved" - real & absolute happiness is only felt rarely and for a very short time. It gets mixed with other ugly ingredientes later.. However, I think people are happy when they feel fulfilled. If they feel fulfilled after doing 'productive' things, then I guess living could be useful, at least to that person & the ones close to him/her. Why does living have to be useful? Why does everything have to 'useful'? Why can't things just.. be? And if people are happy when they are fulfilled.. that feeling also lasts for a short time- they're hungry for more then. So people would never be completely fulfilled, meaning that in a way, they'd live forever, because they'd never die, they'd never reach that objetive of happiness.
They would have been wrong from the start.

So... again: Why live?

...I really wish I didn't have these thoughts sometimes...

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